Piano Removals

Here at Lowes Logistics, we have the tools and expertise to transport your piano in an efficient and safe way – be that a Baby Grand or an Upright.

With many years of experience, we have always successfully helped our clients relocate their piano regardless of circumstances. From the most awkward of corridors, to the top floor in high rise flats – you can be assured we will find a way to get the job done!

We appreciate just how precious your piano is to you at Lowes, so let us ensure it is treated in the way it ought to be and there is no risk of it becoming damaged in the process. While your friends and family may be keen to help you, Lowes Logistics can assure you that we are fully equipped for the job and have all the correct equipment for the transportation. Don’t risk it!

We take piano transportations very seriously at Lowes Logistics – that is why we are and always will be fully insured. We spend a great deal of time working with our amazing team to ensure that they are fully trained and equipped to handle all piano transportation challenges. While we have our insurance, we know that we will not have to make a claim as we are confident there will be no damage to your piano (there hasn’t been a reason for a claim thus far in all our years of business). It is simply for your own peace of mind that your beloved piano is in safe hands.

Long distance transportation of your piano is always a worry but when you hire Lowes Logistics, you can sleep easy knowing your piano is in the best possible care. Our fleet is kitted out to ensure there is no movement of your piano in transport while we carefully wrap it in blankets to further protect it from bumps and scuffs – we take no chances at Lowes. The transit of your piano will be the stress free experience that it ought to be. Be your piano removal requirement in Fife, Scotland or anywhere in the UK for that matter, give Lowes a call now!